Ground Squad Security Services is an organisation comprised of highly trained professionals with specialist knowledge in the provision of risk management and security services in PAN India. We carefully consider each client’s requirements in order to design and implement the optimum security solution.

Ground Squad Security Services’s unique understanding of the risks associated with operating in India allows it to conduct meticulous threat assessment for every client and based on this criteria hand pick individual consultants best suited to the specific requirements of each engagement according to their skill set and background.

Risk analysis plays a key role in mitigating potential threats and is the cornerstone of every tailored solution that Ground Squad Security Services puts in place. Providing clients with a clear understanding of the social, political and economic environment in which they are operating is always the first step in addressing their security requirements.

Our capabilities in PAN India encompass all aspects of ensuring the well being of its clients with end to end solutions incorporating travel, accommodation vetting, in country route planning and secure transportation.

Ground Squad Security Services creates solutions which integrate seamlessly with the lives of those in its care, businesses best practice and sympathetically with the local population. By focussing on detailed risk assessment and implementing forward looking plans, facilitated by personnel from the international security elite equipped with the latest technology it offers safety, security and service second to none.